Tom Cruz 1 on 1 Section 8 Workshop 2022 (Updated)

Tom Cruz

As of 4:31pm PST Tom Cruz has launched an advanced in-person workshop for 1 day costing $50,000.00 ! UPDATE: Tom Cruz just updated his subscriptions which I will highlight below. Something tells me no one signed up for his whopping $50,000 daily course.

What Is Involved?

You will fly down to Wilmington, NC and spend an entire day crafting a personalized Section 8 domination investment strategy.

9 am – 10 am: You will take a ride in his Lambo or Phantom down to his favorite breakfast spot in the downtown Wilmington area where the majority of his properties are located. Tom will dive deep into your personal and financial situation, short and long term goals, what stage you are in the investment process, and brainstorming on the best course of action for you.

10 am – 12 pm: After breakfast, you will tour his rental portfolio, show his step by step what he looks for when analyzing a potential property to purchase. You will go inside a property with his senior contractor and show you how to pass inspections the first time and tips to save money.

12 pm – 1:30 pm: Next up your headed to his favorite Steak restaurant in Wilmington. At this phase, you will start the property selection process. Both laptops will be out (shoulder to shoulder) and he will hand pick the best properties, explain his process, determine how much to offer, and then walk you through the entire negotiation with the agent.

1:30 pm – 3 pm: After you decide on which properties to target, you will move into the financing part of the day. He will go over term sheets, crunch numbers, review cash on cash returns and form a plan for you to maximize your cash + creative financing. This is also the time you will discuss scaling and how to do that most efficiently and safely.

3 pm – 5 pm: Finally, you will end the day with the property management aspect of the process. You will meet with Tom Cruz, his senior property manager, walk through his property management software, share leases, operating agreements, internal policies, eviction checklists and more.

The offer is structured for flexibility. For example, if you are a beginner and want to spend more time on financing and buying your first unit, he can tailor it for you. Or if you are a seasoned investor and you want to learn about fast sustainable scaling and how he got to 600 units in such a short time, he can spend more time there. By the time you leave Wilmington you will have a crystal clear understanding of what market you will buy in, which specific houses you are going to purchase, pending offers/contracts, a solid foundation for your investment team (agent, attorney, property manager, handyman etc) and the confidence to scale your portfolio to hundreds of units.

The Money Part

This experience is $50,000.00 because according to Tom its an entire day of his time, which means he won’t be hunting properties for himself, making offers, or negotiating offers. Its his first time offering a program like this, so he is limiting this to 3 people. There will be a $10,000.00 credit card deposit and $40,000.00 will be wired (financing available). He is flexible on timing and can make almost any day work.

Affiliate Marketer Thoughts..

Since I am a student of the Section 8 course for past couple months I will just give my 2 cents on this. To many people this might sound like a crazy price to pay – which I totally understand and I personally would not do it. Here are some things that come to mind about this:

How much time do I really have? If your like me and have been in the Discord, signed up and not really done much then maybe that ‘experience’ would motivate you to do something about this journey or scare you off LOL. The price tag is quite steep in my personal view and maybe not for others. As a fair warning, I personally know friends that have spent north $40k over 2 years ago on “secret” real estate investing courses in Florida and have still done NOTHING. Yes. Nothing.

Do I have an extra $50k to spare? Ok, if you have it and you don’t mind dropping that kind of money, whether in cash or financed then it could be for you.

Am I a self-learner? Frankly, not everyone learns the same way. Life is like a trial & error and really depends on whether you like or used to that process OR need some hand holding. I am quite the self-learner and buying a course is quite like fast-pacing myself to the finish line.

Will there be follow up & ongoing support? I would definitely ask Tom Cruz what happens after the 1-day experience. Will I have direct access to you? If so, for how long? If there is a limit, then what is the charge if any? Will I get access to your team, contacts at a preferential rate?

Financing? You mentioned financing, what are the terms and for how long? Can it come out of cash-flowing property 😀

To close this off, I guess I am not that surprised to see an announcement made by Tom Cruz for this 1-day experience. I think if anything, he might accept a lower price if no one bites. If people do indeed jump on it and there is a strong interest then this could be a really good way for him to diversify his income. If you do the math, that is $150,000 per day, given 3 people fill up. That is quite a nice chunk of change! Either way, whatever you decide on doing, make sure it brings you a nice return.

S8 Pro Exclusive Subscriptions Now Available (Limited Slots Open)

According to Tom Cruz he said based on high demand of requests he is releasing 2 different subscription levels for on-going support.

Premium package – $199 / month or $1,990 / year (2 months free)

This includes:
5 WEEKLY Hand Picked Properties – These properties are chosen by me and sent exclusively to you on a weekly basis. These will be ideal Section 8 rental properties that meet my personal buying criteria.

Pro Package – $999 / month or $9,990 / year (2 months free)**

This includes:
Creative Financing Support: I will help you find low down payment deals ($2,500 to $4,000) no credit or minimum loan restrictions

10 Hand Picked Properties: These are chosen by me and sent exclusively to you on a weekly basis

Access To Private Discord Channel: You will have custom permissions to the newly created private channel that will be just for Pro members

1 on 1 Access With me (via Discord): This Pro package will give you exclusive 1 on 1 hand holding for 3 rental properties per month

** If you want to lock in one of the limited slots**

Review: It seems to me that no one signed up for his $50,000 course as its a huge ask. I think he re-thought about it and saw zero interest. Again, I could be totally wrong but reading some of the comments people it seemed it was a joke of an offer, definitely not the target market. This new offer is more refined, cheaper, however in my opinion it is quite unfair for existing students. Why? Well we paid $5,000 to get in and part of that $5,000 is access to a Discord group, the material, weekly leads (which stopped for some reason). Lastly, when your ready to do a deal Tom will either meet you if your in his town and or you can DM him to run the deal by him. At the end of the day this is a business he is running and needs to monetize his time.

Disclosure: I do not have a financial or beneficial interest if you sign up to Tom Cruz course(s) including this new one listed above. Hope you enjoyed reading my input and if you have any questions feel free to write to us.

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