Anthony Matusiak “Toozer” Shopify Dropship Course Review 2023

Hi Team! Another write up for a course I took and currently engaged in by the famous Toozer aka Anthony Matusiak based in Canada.

I’ve been meaning to do a write up since purchasing his course! I signed up to his course first before anyone else’s and I’m really happy with the outcome. I will list below all the things I love and helpful suggestions if you are interested in signing up.

Who Is Anthony Matusiak aka Toozer?

I’m sure you’ve seen his Tiktok page come up on your #FYP at some point. Hopefully, at some point! Toozer is a successful dropship king I must say. He’s clever, energetic and motivating. I was drawn to his way of describing how potentially easy it is to:

  1. Setup a Shopify Website
  2. Research trending products on Tiktok
  3. Run ads on Tiktok Ad Platform
  4. Boom make money

Sound easy? So in theory YES it works, I have tried it and have seen immediate success. Does it take work to find and test products? Yes. Can you make a lot of money in the space? Yes you can. Don’t you just love all these Yes answers 😀

I have joined some of his live sessions and he is a cool guy, very engaging, he actually replies to your DMs and that for me is solid.

What Is His Course About?

For starters, his course is called Ecom Velocity if you are seriously interested in learning how to Setup a shopify store, and I don’t mean just designing it. Let me list for you some highlights that will have you consider WHAT I mean (sorry for yelling, but I am just excited to share):

  1. General Store & Structure: he goes over how to setup your store and I don’t mean just setting up with your email and password and zooming right along. No. There are settings you have to configure at the sign up stage so you don’t get flagged by Shopify as a dropship store and get your payments frozen when scaling. Seriously@!
  2. Settings & Policies: there is a system that he follows to help you configure the store in a way that helps you later on scale swiftly
  3. Pages, Navigation, Design, Logo: all very good step by step process by video he uploaded on his teachable portal
  4. Product Research & Hyper Testing: This is where it gets good. He teaches you HIS Tiktok testing method, how to analyze, how to test, test campaign setup, showcasing previous creatives that worked for him and btw still work lol, how to identify a winner, connecting you with his supplier when you get a winning product how to fulfill and more.

This is just a sample and it goes on and keeps getting updated.

I guess after watching his video I did a test myself with a product that I found interesting, had a use case which means people would actually use it and pricing made sense. Below you’ll see a screenshot from my first day!

Ok so you might think that is not a lot, but trust me, when you see this it will motivate you even more and hustle harder. I made about a 50% return on this too. There are some guys making $72k in their first 3 weeks, so yes very possible just got to keep hustling and moving forward and testing new products.

What Do I Like About The Course?

I think the most important thing for me is accessibility, knowledge and community. These three elements are very important to me. I feel I get that from this community.

Everyone is accommodating, helpful and Toozer is really insightful. I like the fact that he simplified his method yet a lot of gold is dropped in the video content.

The forum he setup is really helpful too. They get together about twice a week on a live zoom call, talk about their stores, he will do audits, you can ask him questions and he shares what he’s working on.

Sometimes he will just go through certain platforms and check out different products and how he selects them. It is an engaging community and you can learn a lot day by day.

What Is The Sign Up Like?

I know I said in a previous review that any courses that are priced above $5,000 are not listed, well this one was not listed either. You had to jump on a call and then ask what it is. But the good news is it was only $1,000.

I know I say only, because seriously it is the best $1,000 spent. I don’t know what the course is going for now but even if it were $2,000 or $2,500. I would pay for it instantly. The value, knowledge and community is incredible.

I jumped on a call with one of his colleagues whose based in Canada. I told him I had a little experience with Shopify but as everyone, it is hard to figure out what is what. He explained that they each run between 10 to 25 stores! Yes you heard that right. Some of those stores are for a single winning product and some are general stores.

General stores means they sell different products unrelated to the brand but are bundled up as winners. Very common questions I remember asking:

  1. Will I really learn how to find a product and scale? Yes if you follow our system then you can for sure
  2. Is there a steep upfront cost to testing products? No, but you should budget for at least $100 for a day, for 5 ad sets and let the algo do your bidding
  3. Will you help or find me products? No. So I know this might be a question that comes to mind. But think about it, everyone is on the hunt for a winning product. Why would that be shared with you? The purpose is to follow the system and you will find a product that works and learn how to work it. I did it and I figured it out.
  4. Is it a hard painful process to find products? Honestly, yes it is quite a tedious process. When your not paying for 3rd party platforms that have done some hard work for you, then yes you could potentially spend a couple hours everyday. What is really cool, is Toozer shared a week guide that outlines which days are good for researching and which days are good for running ads. Yes it all matters the days you run ads!
  5. Are there platforms you can pay to help you find winning products? Yes but but but they are expensive. You have,, and maybe there are more out there. Maybe I’ll do a review of the platforms I have tested out for you. What do I mean by expensive? Well they are about $100-200 per month. But think about it, if you find one winning product then you just made a killer return right? Right!

What Difficulties May You Face?

Have you ever realized that when people write up reviews they don’t talk about the difficulties they faced? I will just list some potential difficulties that you may face how to overcome them.


  1. Getting over procrastination and just doing the work: now after I watched the course I just decided to jump right in and already started making mistakes haha. Please don’t do this. Watch the videos once or twice then go and do that task. Task by task.
  2. Deciding what platforms to use first: so we know that is popular, are popular. I have used both but not at the same time. I would research on youtube or Toozer course when you signed up or Youtube.
  3. Figure out your budget: this is hard because you just want to spend right away and make it back plus more. Wrong. You want to budget yourself. How much do you have available to invest? How much your willing to risk and not see again potentially, if you get the product wrong. Don’t take my first success on the product as a key metric to going all in. Sometimes it takes 10 products to find a winner. Make sure you have a creditcard so you get rewards like cashback and points and of course if you can extend your limit. Budget for at least $100 per ad for a given day that is spread among 5 video ad-sets.
  4. Figure out what your willing to do and what your willing not to do: I think this is important. It is OK to not know everything. Ask someone. Don’t just do what you think is right or how you interpreted it. That is why there is a community you can post and or look through previous comments or message a moderator. Also, there is no harm in learning and outsourcing. Everything is in tandem like a partnership. You work with people who do this all day long and so this is key. Focus on your strengths and allocate your weaknesses to someone else. This will help you streamline.
  5. Carried away: When your on the call and hear that they are managing 10-25 stores at a time, this could get you very excited and carried away. Carried away as to trying to jump into getting more than one store. So let me make this easy for you to understand don’t fall into that trap like I did haha.

Would I Recommend This Course?

Yes I would! I’m saying that coming from my own personal experience with the course and the community. It works. It worked for me. Do I slack off sometimes? Yes absolutely lol. If you are serious about learning about Shopify and dropshipping this is a great course with a pretty reasonable low entry point in terms of cost. I forgot to mention, $1,000 is a one time fee for forever access.

Bonus: Toozer is developing his own winning product finder which he showed us some attributes the other day. As a student we will have first access, so very exciting.

If you have any questions about the course please feel free to comment or message and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links that help pay for this site that I wish to keep and further educate newcomers curious about the courses I take online. Hope the information is helpful to you too.

Lastly, if you would like to sign up for this course here’s the link: Anthony Matusiak

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  1. Madison Finch says:

    Hi! I had a zoom call with them to take the course. Now I have to make the decision if I want to go through with it or not. The entry cost is $3000… I’ve been working so much and saving everything I have for a house with my boyfriend and $3000 is a high majority of my bank. But this has been in the back of my head for awhile now and honestly working 50 hours a week is not doing it for me. It’s exhausting, I don’t make enough, I’m not happy with my life. That’s why I wanted to do this and learn more about it. But I have no knowledge on any of this. I know life is about taking risks, but I’m just afraid this could backfire or it’s a scam and I’ll lose all that money that I made working so hard at my job. I thought maybe you could give insight as I don’t see any other reviews. Thank you.

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