Amazon FBA Complete Course 2023

amazon fba course
amazon fba course

FBA University

FBA University is a course run by Michael Wish and Ryan. According to Michael Twitter page he was a former CPA turned full-time Amazon seller and Ryan is a successful entrepreneur who formed a partnership with Michael to launch an FBA university helping those break away from the 9-5.

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that allows businesses to outsource order fulfillment to Amazon. Businesses send products to Amazon fulfillment centers and when a customer makes a purchase, they pick, pack, and ship the order. Amazon also provides customer service and process returns for those orders. If you look at some statistics on what current sellers profit from selling products on Amazon FBA. It is worth reporting that nearly 65% of third party sellers have reported earning profit margins higher than 10% and 32% reported earning profit margins above 20%.

How Much Is FBA University Cost?

They have two options for their course.

The first being a monthly subscription of a one-time fee of $135 followed by $37 per month. This includes access to their course and discord channel. I would say the discord channel is probably worth way more than $37. Your in a like minded community of people that are on the same path as you, very open and generous with sharing information.

Second plan is a hand-holding for private label Amazon FBA. Unfortunately, I do not know what the price is for this but I would imagine it is north $5,000+. I’ve tried asking but they want to get you on the phone before sharing the info. Fair enough.

Are Amazon FBA Courses Worth It

Well that is subjective and so many circumstances come into mind before deciding whether Amazon FBA courses are worth it.

It’s Time To Ask Yourself The Big Questions

Question 1: How Much Time Do I Have

Time is money. seriously. If you don’t have time to allocate towards this endeavor then maybe you should consider taking on an Amazon course. I know I went a bit quick with this assumption. But I’d like to just share something with you. I have signed up, taken and still take a couple courses. Very hard to pull off lol. Sometimes its just not fun anymore since the whole concept of juggling is really not fun. I don’t recommend juggling. Be serious. Choose one course. Finish it. Trial & error and evaluate.

Question 2: How Much Capital Do I Have

Capital is everything. Whether its a small amount or a large amount. How to access capital is important too. So many important aspects! If I had a small budget I would definitely explore arbitrage, if I had a bigger budget probably Amazon FBA private label. Both are different, but if you want to get your feet wet. Give arbitrage a go, as products can sell quite quickly so as long as you are using the appropriate tools.

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