Amazon Affiliate Program Raises Commissions 2022

amazon associates affiliate program review
amazon associates affiliate program review

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon announces a limited time increase in commission rates. Great right? Well let’s see how the percentages compare to pre Covid era.

Amazon announced that they are raising commissions on a group of product categories for a limited time. This new higher payout system comes two years after Amazon lowered their fees during the pandemic since a new high in online purchases occurred.

How does this help existing a new affiliates? Well, it is definitely a great incentive to new affiliates that want to enter into a partnership with Amazon and utilize a new source of income.

From an SEO perspective, just the keyword “Amazon” on google keyword planner fetches about 14m searches per month! Yes you read that right. The competition is surprisingly low. Nonetheless that is still fantastic to be able to tap into that.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon would pay commission to affiliate publishers who refer visitors that convert into sales. Simple.

As Amazon is a trusted brand name and that made Amazon a good affiliate partner to work with motivated referrals at a higher rate of conversion than it did working with alternative brands that may be viewed as less known.

A huge shift in popularity occurred in April 2020 and the pandemic changed how consumers purchase products digitally and better yet directly from Amazon. Of course taking advantage of a digital mall such as Amazon and fast shipping are all perks.

According to Top Blogging Statistics, 61% of online users in the US have bought something after reading a blog. So why not lead them to Amazon where it is a trusted source? Yes sure there are 570 million blogs on the internet based on activities reported by WordPress, Medium and other platforms but you can still be ranked and found.

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rates

Amazon has raised the commission rates on the following categories:

  • Shoes, Handbags & Accessories
  • Office Products
  • Home
  • Kitchen
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Business & Industrial Supplies
  • Beauty

Promotional Amazon Affiliate Commission Rates

The following are the new promotional commission rates:

  • Shoes, Handbags & Accessories (old rate) 4.00% (new rate) 6.00%
  • Office Products (old rate) 4.00% (new rate) 6.00%
  • Kitchen (old rate) 4.50% (new rate) 5.50%
  • Home (old rate) 3.00% (new rate) 5.00%
  • Home Improvement (old rate) 3.00% (new rate) 5.00%
  • Beauty (old rate) 3.00% (new rate) 5.00%
  • Business & Industrial Supplies 3.00% (new rate) 5.00%
  • Health & Personal Care 1.00% (new rate) 2.00%


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